Use pears: different methods and recipe ideas

Use pears instead of throwing them away: We offer you a variety of options and recipes – for example, cakes, jellies and juices, as well as smoothies and sorbets.

Pears are delicious and are in season from September to June, depending on the variety. Until January, you can get some varieties of pears from regional growers as spare goods. If you have your own garden or share it with others, you can plant a pear tree there yourself. You can learn how it works and what to look out for in these articles, for example:

Alternatively, you can get pears from a supermarket, health food store or weekly market. In addition, you will be on the platform holding his mouth Look for pear trees in your area where you can pick fruit.

Use pears: This recipe works

You can use pears, for example, in fruit salad.
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Maybe you accidentally bought too many pears or have an overharvest and don’t know what to do with the fruit? Then we have some tips for you here. Because you can use pears in so many ways, you don’t throw anything away and you don’t need to throw anything away. Avoid food waste. We will introduce you to the recipes of cakes, desserts, juices and many other things.

ideas, etc cooking with pearsFor example, see these articles:

For example, recipes jelly or chutney can be found here:

It can also be made from pears various desserts put up. You can learn how to do this here:

In addition, you can store fruits and vegetables for a long time canning pears to eat Make your own pear juice. But also vegetarian porridge, Sherbet, fruit salad to eat smoothie Simple and delicious ways to use pears.

Recipe: Pear Sauce for Pasta or Gnocchi

Pears can also be used in the form of fruity pear sauce.
Pears can also be used in the form of fruity pear sauce.
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Walnut and pear sauce

  • Put up: about 30 minutes
  • People: 2 serving(s)