Use Apples: 50 Ideas for What You Can Do With Your Apple Harvest

Want to use apples but looking for apple-only recipes? Here you’ll find a collection of creative ways to use your apple harvest wisely.

Some years there is a real “apple festival”. Apples are just as healthy apple tree Throws in the garden, usually can not be eaten raw at the same time. However, there are many ways to make them last longer – here we show you how to make the most of apples and avoid waste at the same time.

Why use apples?

If you buy apples from local farmers markets and use them, don’t throw anything away.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Pexels)

It is the most beautiful not only in autumn healthy apple but with fruit and canned food stored properly for the next year taking care of yourself. This would also be the most sustainable alternative, as apples are often imported from other countries out of season. Regional storage apples are cooled in an energy-intensive manner to be enjoyed fresh until next spring. Also read: Why regional apples are not always a good choice.

Whoever uses the apple properly is doing something for it food waste. Also, you can have a home stock to save money and resolves the ingredients.

By the way: If you don’t have a garden with apple trees, there is an alternative. On the one hand, you can buy regional and seasonal apples at the weekly market. Otherwise, you can go to or trees with yellow ribbon collecting wild apples.

Use apples sparingly

Dried Apple Rings: This is how you can use apples for a healthy snack.
Dried Apple Rings: This is how you can use apples for a healthy snack.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / ulleo)

There are apples that do not store well and it makes sense to use them immediately:

  • Fruits with bruises or damaged skin
  • Apples with worms (simply cut wide)
  • Early apples – also called summer apples – have a much shorter shelf life winter apple. Early apple varieties include Clarapfel (also Klarapfel), Augustapfel, Discovery, Helios, peach-red summer apple or Gravensteiner. They are mainly in season from July to mid-September.

You can store these apples in several ways.

With glasses

In a liquid state

by topic Apple juice: Is DIY too time-consuming for you or do you have too many apples? Then you can put your apples in one too fruit cider factory delivery, which will make you juice from it. NABU has compiled a comprehensive list of cider mills in Germany.

As dry goods


You can reuse some of it or combine it with other foods. Thus, simple fruit becomes different. You can use applesauce on applesauce cakes (see below) and add apple juice inside apple punchapple cider vinegar Switchel.

Use apples in a warm kitchen

Apple Pie: An absolute classic for using apples.
Apple Pie: An absolute classic for using apples.
(Photo: CC0/Pixabay/Lolame)

Whether in the oven, in the pan or in the pot – here you will find wonderful Utopia recipes for warm dishes made with apples.

Cakes, tarts and more sweets to use apples

Vegetarian Cake Recipes


More delicious dishes from the oven

From the pan

For more creative recipes using apples, check out this collection:

No-bake and no-bake recipes

You can also use apples in smoothies.
You can also use apples in smoothies.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / silviarita)

Raw apples are especially useful because vitamins are lost when heated. Therefore, fruits should be eaten unprocessed or unheated, for example in salads or smoothies:

Also as a classic piece fruit salad or you can use apples as an ingredient in muesli.

Apple storage: this should be taken care of

Some varieties do not ripen until very late in the year, so you can store the apples for the winter instead of using them right away.
Some varieties do not ripen until very late in the year, so you can store the apples for the winter instead of using them right away.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / rbrudolph)

Apples don’t always have to be processed the same way, and under the right conditions, you can keep them fresh for a long time. These are the basic rules if you Apple storage will come:

  • Store in a cool and dark place
  • enough moisture to keep them from drying out
  • Do not store with other fruits and vegetables
  • Remove the dead and bruised apples first, always keeping the best ones
  • stack in stackable bins or use a multi-compartment storage rack

More tips for using apples

You can also use excess apple peel.
You can also use excess apple peel.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / congerdesign)

Apples should be peeled when making apple sauce or jam. Instead of throwing projectiles, you can do something else with it. More about it here: Use apple peels: 5 recipes and ideas.

Many people do not like breaded apples in their raw form. Here are some suggestions for using delicious apples: Why do some apples taste like flour and how do you use them?.

It takes a long time to use Apple and sometimes it gets boring. You may find it easier if you listen to your favorite music or audiobook or invite friends over.


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