Through! Hobby chefs take to Twitter to report their worst kitchen mistakes – the stories are amazing

A little kitchen mishap can happen to anyone… imago/Panthermedia

Many Germans love to cook and bake – and let’s be honest: haven’t you had a kitchen disaster or two? The food burns, the milk boils, the bag of flour bursts… nothing happens. Because: where there is planning, where there is shaving! A Twitter user has now asked other users about the worst kitchen accidents and heard the most absurd stories.

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Kitchen Disasters: These stories are just hilarious!

“What was your greatest meal?” asks a Twitter user and immediately reveals himself. “During our restaurant’s Onion Cake (6 large production trays!) cooking training, I added 500g of chilli instead of 500g of chilli powder to the mixture.” Instead of a mild spice, it was intensely hot…

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But some other Twitter users can easily keep up! “In Home Economics I mixed chopped green beans and pepperoni for the little green beans in the exam…the examiners cried, they were so excited,” says one comment. And one story revolves around salt: “Instead of sugar in apple pie, salt was baked and coffee was proudly received by gossip. The faces when you try it: priceless.”

It also sounds delicious: “Banana milk. So lots of bananas, milk, honey and cinnamon. Did someone tell Ostman that cinnamon and nutmeg are the same color?’ And the other user experience sounds particularly bitter. “When I was little, I wanted to make pasta and tomato sauce for my girlfriend in her parents’ trailer. To tie the sauce, you need flour. Nothing. More flour. Still nothing. Well, then we eat it without seasoning. Well…what I thought was flour was washing powder.

But the disorders are not limited to improper use of perfumes. “Often cook beef and marrow bones, vegetables and spices in a 10-quart pot, reduce portions, and freeze,” writes one woman. “Once, after cooking for 10 hours, I poured everything into a large pot in the sink. There is no pot under it.” All the work is gone… it’s a pain in the ass for any hobby cook.

The kitchen is often the victim of cooking disasters

The kitchen also often suffers. “I wanted to make espresso on the stove. “I forgot the sealing ring on the stove,” writes one of the users. “Stove above the stove. At first everything went well. And then it exploded. The entire kitchen was full of espresso and ground beans and needed repainting.

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One comment reads: “Chocolate cakes. I thought I’d double the amount. The dough first crawled up the hand mixer to the motor and it rose all the way up and the chocolate mass went all over the kitchen and then the hand mixer caught on fire.” And another incident narrowly missed the firefighters: “Once I turned on the wrong oven and set fire to a cutting board. Then my jacket accidentally caught on the oven handle and the ceramic hob lid exploded.”

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