Summer Salads: Recipes for Grilling and Hot Days

Summer salads are easy and can be varied in many ways. We will give you an overview of well-known recipes for summer salads and introduce you to new ideas.

Light summer salads are great for a barbecue or picnic, but are also good for lunch or dinner on a hot day. They often contain salad, vegetables or ingredients raw food and therefore not too heavy on the stomach. combined with ingredients rich in carbohydrates and fiber, they can still fill you up. We offer a selection of popular classics and a variety of options.

An important: It is best to prepare salads with organic ingredients. In this way, you avoid not only sustainable agriculture, but also chemical-synthetics pesticides. If possible, also buy seasonal goods from regional suppliers to avoid unnecessary transport routes and support local producers. The local supply of fruits and vegetables is very rich, especially in summer. You can find out what vegetables are available regionally and when, for example ours seasonal calendar.

Lettuce for summer salads: simple but versatile

You can change up a simple leafy salad with a variety of dressings.
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Green or colored types of salad Perfect as a side dish or main dish in hot weather. When grilling, these summer salads are usually an integral part of the buffet. Despite the simple ingredients, you can prepare them in many ways. Here are some suggestions for summer salad recipes:

You can serve a simple green leafy salad in a versatile and sophisticated way with different dressings. For example, try these recipes:

Classic summer salads for grilling

Coleslaws are one of the classic summer salads.
Coleslaws are one of the classic summer salads.
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In addition to leafy salads, there are many classic salads to choose from for a summer barbecue buffet. One of the most popular raw food summer salads is the coleslaw, which can be prepared in a variety of ways. We present some of them here:

A rich assortment of vegetables offers you many options during the warm season. Other delicious summer salads can be prepared on the basis of, for example, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots or green beans:

In addition to these well-known classics, you can use other types of vegetables in summer salad recipes. You can find tips and inspiration here:

Pasta salads, potato salads and more

You can make a light but filling summer salad with pasta as a base.
You can make a light but filling summer salad with pasta as a base.
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Pasta salads are popular summer salads that are perfect for a barbecue, picnic, or any other occasion. You can change the basic recipe in many ways with different dressings and ingredients and give a classic pasta salad a Mediterranean or Asian twist, for example. In these recipes you will find various suggestions:

Potato salads are also among the buffet classics. Potatoes are available year-round, so they are not seasonal. Cold and light potato salads are especially delicious during the summer months. Here are some recipes to try:

In addition to pasta and potato salads, there is a wide variety of summer salads that will fill you up without weighing you down. A popular salad base, for example, is also recommended couscous, Bulgur to eat quinoa. You can get inspiration here:

Recipe tip: Greek kritaraki noodle salad with cucumber

Wafer-thin slices of cucumber make a refreshing addition to a summer salad.
Wafer-thin slices of cucumber make a refreshing addition to a summer salad.
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Greek Kritharaki Pasta Salad

  • Put up: about 25 minutes
  • Rest time: about 60 minutes
  • People: 4 serving(s)