Seitan Burger: Vegetarian Patties Recipe

The Seitan Burger is a delicious vegetarian burger option. Seitan patties are a delicious and healthy substitute for meat. We will show you a simple recipe.

Seitan made from wheat gluten and is a great meat substitute. High in protein and low in fat, seitan is very close to meat in texture and flavor – unlike veggie patties. Even so, pure seitan is relatively bland, so you should season your seitan burger patties well.

Now, you can find seitan patties in the supermarket, but the advantages of making them yourself are: You decide which ingredients go in and which. flavor enhancer the and preservatives to flee. Vegan brownies are easy to make and you only need a few ingredients. The preparation is also very quick, but the patties need some time to rest and cook.

Buy the best ingredients regional and organic quality. Chemical-synthetic pesticides are not used in the production and you support ecological agriculture. Besides: Seitan is also available in Germany.

By the way: Instead of buying a ready-made seitan base, you can Make your own seitan.

Vegetarian Seitan Burgers: Recipe for Patties

Important: For your seitan burger, you need to properly season the patties.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / dapurmelodi)

Seitan Patties for Vegetarian Burgers

  • Put up: about 30 minutes
  • Rest time: about 30 minutes
  • Cooking/cooking time: about 45 minutes
  • People: 8 pieces