Recipe “Warm vegetable and fruit salad with fried chicken breast” | – Guide

By Rainer Sass




  • 250


    multivitamin juice

  • 1


  • 1


  • 1


  • 1


  • 1

    Red onion

  • 1

    Red pepper

  • 1

    yellow pepper

  • olive oil

  • 0.5


    Green onion

  • 1


    Raspberry vinegar

  • 1


    nut butter

  • 1

    organic lemon

  • 4

    (skinless) chicken breast fillets

  • 4



  • clarified butter

  • 1

    a branch


  • 1

    chili pepper

  • salt

  • bell pepper

Heat the multivitamin juice in a saucepan and reduce to a few tablespoons. Keep moving with the filter.

Wash, dry and peel the apples, pears and persimmons and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Peel the pepper and red onion and cut into strips. Peel the avocado, remove the stone and cut the flesh into larger cubes.

Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the prepared ingredients briefly. Season with salt, pepper and a little sugar. Then add cooked juice. Boil everything for a few minutes. Fruits and vegetables should still be al dente. Cut the onion into 4-5 cm long strips and mix with the other ingredients. Season with vinegar, nut butter, lemon zest and lemon juice to taste. Finally, mix in the avocado.

Place the chicken breast fillet in the middle of the foil and flatten it to a thickness of about 1 cm. Press the garlic cloves. Heat clarified butter and olive oil in a pan and fry the chicken breast fillet until browned on both sides. Add garlic, rosemary and chili. Reduce the heat to medium and cook the chicken breasts for 1-2 minutes on each side. Baste with pan juices from time to time.

to serve:

To serve, place vegetables on plates. Top with fried chicken breasts, sprinkle with finely chopped rosemary needles, and garnish with garlic and chili.

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Tagliatelle in a pan sprinkled with cheese.  © NDR Photo: Frank von Wieding
A casserole dish with turkey breast on top of vegetables.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Thimmann
Chicken curry dish with green beans.  © ZS-Verlag Photo: Claudia Thimmann
A plate of asparagus salad with chicken and zucchini.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Thimmann
Chickpeas and Chicken Tag © ZS-Verlag Photo: Claudia Thimmann
Chicken Kale and Peanut Salad © ZS-Verlag Photo: Claudia Thimmann
On the table is a plate of chicken stew and sweet potatoes and a plate of peanut sauce.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Thimmann
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Asparagus and zucchini casserole with chicken fillet on the table.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Thimmann
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