Recipe “Baguette smoked fish salad” | – Guide

By Pauline Retting




  • 1

    Red apple

  • 0.75


  • 1

    An onion

  • 3

    Sour pickles

  • 250



  • 1

    smoked mackerel

  • 1

    smoked trout

  • 1

    smoked redfish

  • 1


  • May

Peel the cucumber and apple. Cut the cucumber and unpeeled apple into bite-sized pieces. Tip: If you use red apples, the smoked fish salad will look more appetizing later, because the red color will stand out from the light colored salad.

Take the cornions out of the jar, drain the water, and then finely chop them. Peel the onion and cut into small cubes. Mix everything in a suitable container. The amounts shown in this recipe are suggestions. If you like it juicier, you can also add apples or cucumbers.

smoked fish fillet. First remove all the small fins by hand, then separate the head behind the gill covers and caudal fin. Cut the belly of the fish so that it splits open. Carefully remove the central bone. Separate the belly bones from the meat with the back of a knife, and then peel off the skin. Grind the meat with a grinder. Make sure the last bones are removed. The portions should not be too small.

Mix the fish pieces with other ingredients and mayonnaise. A little more salt if you like, but smoked fish is already salty because of the salt water. Then cut the baguette into small pieces and brush with butter. Arrange the smoked fish salad on top of the bread.

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