Potato salad recipe

Creative things with tubes: Potatoes also taste great in salads

Salad, salad, just salad. If you want to add variety to your vegetables, try potatoes. And dressing up. This is how the preparation is going successfully.

As a side dish, fries or porridge: There are many classic ways to prepare potatoes. Salad dressing is definitely not one of them. But here the potatoes can give a creamy consistency, as recommended by the developers of the recipe of German potato producers. You don’t need a lot of basic ingredients for this creamy potato dressing: potato flour, sunflower oil, vegetable broth, salt and pepper.

Depending on the recipe, other ingredients such as mustard or milk are added, for example with potatoes and bacon. For this purpose, we take 50 grams of flour, peel the potato, wash it, cut it into small pieces and boil it in plenty of salted water. Cook the potatoes for about 20 minutes and cook four slices of lean bacon over medium heat.

Then mix potatoes, a teaspoon of mustard, 50 milliliters of milk and sunflower oil and 100 milliliters of vegetable stock and bacon fat. Then mix finely with a blender, season with salt and pepper.

Potato and Bacon Wraps for Roasted Salad

Recipe Ideas: Serve a roasted salad with romaine hearts, green asparagus, and goat cheese and a potato and bacon dressing. To do this, wash the hearts of two small romaine lettuces, cut them lengthwise, wash 150 grams of green asparagus, 100 grams of tomatoes and 50 grams of radishes, drain the water, remove the woody stems from the lettuce and asparagus, and cut the asparagus into bite-size pieces. – sized pieces.

Now clean 100 grams of oyster mushrooms, cut them into strips with your hands, fry the cut sides of the salad in a little oil on the highest level for a couple of minutes. Fry the mushrooms for three to five minutes and season everything with salt and pepper. To serve, divide the roasted lettuce hearts in half again and arrange the asparagus and mushroom mixture, diced tomatoes, radishes and goat cheese on a roll.

Finally, spread the bacon over the salad and sprinkle over the potatoes and bacon sauce.

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