Poblanos Rellenos: A Vegetarian Recipe for Stuffed Mexican Peppers

Poblanos Rellenos is a Mexican dish. Traditionally, poblano peppers are stuffed with cheese or meat. We’ll show you some vegan options to fill you up on.

For Poblanos Rellenos or Chiles Rellenos, you put the peppers of the same name, wrap them in dough and fry them in hot oil. You won’t find specialty Poblano peppers in German grocery stores. However, poblanos are very similar to the green peppers here, except they have a bit more spiciness. You can chop it up and season the filling with a little chili.

In terms of shape (as well as their behavior during roasting), pointy peppers are closest to true poblanos. You’ll usually get red bell peppers in this country, but that’s not a bad thing – they taste a little less tart than the green variety. Just try this.

When buying Poblanos Rellenos, look for organic ingredients when possible. By buying organic products, you can a organic farming, it works without chemical-synthetic pesticides and thus protects the environment and your health. It is better to use products with a strong organic seal, for example Demeter, organic land to eat natural place. These seals have stricter guidelines than the EU organic seal.

Poblanos Rellenos: A Vegan Option

If you can’t find a special poblano pepper, you can use others.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / LoggaWiggler)

Vegan Poblanos Rellenos

  • Put up: about 30 minutes
  • Rest time: about 15 minutes
  • Cooking/cooking time: about 15 minutes
  • People: 4 serving(s)