Pak Choi Salad with Apples: A recipe with lots of vegetables

You can use Pak Choy in a crunchy salad. Here you will get the right recipe for a healthy variety of cabbage that has a mild mustard flavor.

Crunchy, crunchy, mildly spicy and easily digestible: these characteristics make Pak Choy an ideal base for salads.

Pak Choy, also known as Chinese Cabbage, is a common cruciferous vegetable in Asian cuisine. But you’ll be more likely to find Pak Choi at local vegetable shows. Not only does it taste great fried, steamed or blanched, but it’s also great as a pak choy salad.

Because a lot fiber most people cannot tolerate raw cabbage and suffer from stomach and intestinal problems after eating it. However, pak choi is slightly lower in fiber and more digestible than other cabbages, so you can eat it raw.

Pak Choy Salad: A recipe with lots of greens

Apple and Pak Choy Salad

  • Put up: about 15 minutes
  • People: 4 serving(s)