Kasnocken with sage: a classic cream shack for home

Sage and Casnocken are not only popular in Alpine cuisine. They are also welcome with a beautiful Ländle knife and fork – albeit as a cheese noodles to eat cheese sparrows. If you want to order them in Switzerland, please refer to the menu Chäschnöpfli look out

The many names are an indication of how popular Casnocken is with sage at home. Even at the Munich Oktoberfest, if it’s too much, you can slow down the wholehearted specialty.

A sprinkling of sage-fried bacon on top of the casnocken makes the cheese filling even more appealing. Just try what you and your friends like best. And you can’t go wrong if you add the bacon separately. Not everyone likes bacon. I have to admit, Alpine cuisine goes to the heart of my culinary heart. Check out these classics I can’t say no to and never will:


1 hour 35 minutes

in average

I love to eat Kasnocken which is amazingly delicious with fresh green salad and sage. The color matched perfectly, and several alibi vitamins were also provided. Dough can also be purchased as a ready-made product in the refrigerated section. If you want it faster, buy it. And if friends come, they will definitely be happy with homemade dough.

And what about Kasnocken with sage? The beer! We have already listed, described and tested the most important types of beer. So now go to the kitchen.

Bird's-eye view: A plate of casnocken with sage stands on a light background.  Next to him is a red cloth.


Favorite Alpine cuisine: Cassnocken with sage


Taste like a holiday: Kasnocken with sage.

put up

  1. Sort the sage and chop a few leaves. The remaining leaves are used only at the end. Place the dumpling bread in a large bowl. Peel and finely chop the onion and fry in butter until translucent. They should not be brown. Then put the onion and chopped sage in a bowl and mix it into the dumpling bread. Roughly grate the emmental and add to the flour mixture. Mix well again.

  2. Mix the eggs with the milk and season well with salt and pepper. Pour the liquid into the bowl and mix well with your hands. Cover with a clean towel and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, put the salted water in a tall pot. But it should not boil, just cook. And heat the plates in the oven to 50 degrees.

  3. When the Kasnocken are cooked, remove them from the water with a ladle and drain in a colander. Next, melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a small pan and add the remaining sage leaves. Arrange the casnocken on plates, drizzle with the flavored sage oil, and serve with shaved parmesan. That’s it.

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