Freeze burger patties so they’re always on hand

Can vegan or vegetarian burger patties be frozen? You might think that leftovers are leftovers after a barbecue. You can find the answer in this article.

Especially during barbecue season, the question of what to do with leftovers like burger patties is a common question. You don’t have to throw them away, because vegetarian and vegan burger patties can be frozen too.

How to Freeze Burger Patties

How you freeze leftover burger patties (vegetarian, vegan, or meat) depends on whether you pre-fried or grilled them. Depending on this, different things should be considered. We advise you on two options:

  • To freeze the fried burger patties: This is a simple option. Place the burger patties in a tightly covered container and refrigerate. It is important to pack these patties in an airtight container. How to escape turn on the refrigerator. To prevent the burger patties from sticking together while freezing, place parchment paper between each burger patty.
  • To freeze the unfried burger patties: If you are freezing fried or fried burger patties, be sure to place parchment paper in the center of each patty. So you don’t have to put them all close to each other so they don’t stick together. Of course, you can roast them before freezing and proceed as in the previous paragraph.

By the way: Frozen burger patties will keep in the freezer for up to two months.

Thaw frozen burger patties in the refrigerator for several hours. If you have a microwave, you can use the defrost function. After thawing or thawing, you can reheat the patties in a skillet or microwave for a minute or two. However, the microwave oven is only suitable for pre-baked patties. As usual, you can fry the patties in the pan on the lowest level.

Frosting Burger Patties: Additional Tips

You can freeze both your buns and your burgers.
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A must-have for a vegan or vegetarian burger next to a patty is, of course, the bun. And also Burger bun you can freeze them airtight in a freezer bag or tin for up to two months.

Here are some recipes for different burger patties that you can freeze for later:

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