Dagi Bee is 28 years old! 4 facts about a successful YouTuber

You should know these facts about Dagi

YouTuber Dagi Bee is celebrating on September 21st 2022 its 28 years old! Since 2012, the influencer has been regularly posting YouTube videos about fashion, beauty, and now her life as a mom. You should know these four facts about Dagi Bee.

Dagi Bee started for Liont

Dagmar Nicole Kazakov aka Dougie Bee dated YouTuber Timoteo Mikael Gonzalez Gonzalez aka Liont from 2011 to 2015. Not only did Liont get together with Dagi in 2011, he started producing videos on the YouTube channel “LIONTTV”. A year later, Dagi also posted his first videos on his YouTube channel. Thus, Dagi Liont became influential.

Lions fans believe Daghi may now regret choosing men. Lyont answered thus his fans.

It was here that Dagi and Evgen met

After separating from Astan, Dagi met her current husband Evgen Kazakov. He directed the music video for KC Rebell’s “Are You Real?” According to Daghi, they became close to each other while filming at the airport in Morocco. In 2018, the two celebrated their wedding in Ibiza and now have a son named Nelio. He was born at the end of 2021.

Dagi Bee is no longer blonde! This is how fans react to their new hairstyle.

Dagi Bee is a real BossBabe.

The YouTuber is the real BossBabe. After launching her makeup brand Beetique in 2018, Dagi founded her own music label 23 Hours with her husband Evgen in 2020. Here he shares his knowledge about social media. In mid-2022, he announced his latest project: he will produce his own oat milk. On YouTube, he takes his fans behind the scenes and lets his fans participate in the design. There is no oat milk yet.

Not only does Dagi Bee love oat milk, but he also loves hamburgers! She shares her recipe with her fans on Instagram.

Problems with the name Dagi Bee

Dagi Bee was always called Dagmara by her family and friends. His mother wanted to call him that because of his Polish nationality. However, this name was probably not approved in Germany at that time. That’s why her official name on her ID card is Dagmar. Dagi wanted to change his name, but perhaps it was too complicated. So Dagi remains Dagmar, at least in person.

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