Burger King: First vegetarian branch opens

Vegetarian options, nuggets and ice cream are now available – the first Burger King branch to switch its entire range to plant-based. Veggie burgers were free at the opening. But the fast-food chain offers a selection of vegan and vegetarian alternatives at other branches.

The first all-vegetarian Burger King branch opened in Vienna. Branch as of Tuesday of last week Vienna West Railway Station has changed its entire assortment to vegetarian: burgers, sauces, desserts. According to a press release, how long the branch will be free of meat, cheese, dairy and eggs will depend on demand. The larger it is, the higher the probability of a branch remain 100 percent vegetarian in the long run.

To mark the opening of the branch, which has an all-green exterior, Burger King gave away a free burger during the grand opening. The site spoke to Svea, who became a “standard” and is one of those who gets a free burger on Tuesday. He finds: “A cool, bold move.”

In Germany’s 750 branches, there is a vegetarian or vegan counterpart for every meat dish

Burger King’s desire to position itself as a pioneer in the vegetarian fast food industry is not entirely new. Burger King is the number two hamburger chain behind McDonald’s in the German market as well as worldwide. For decades, companies that have focused almost exclusively on meat dishes have been offering vegetarian or vegan alternatives for individual meals for several years. Burger King has already opened temporary vegetarian branches. Currently, the company is advertising with the slogan – Regular or with meat?.

Since last week, Burger King has been offering it 750 German branches For all beef hamburgers and almost all other meat dishes vegetarian or vegan counterpart on. “We want to give our guests a choice, and we expect it to be very good,” said Klaus Schmeiing, marketing director in Munich.

“The big group we want to reach out to is flexible people,” Schmaing said. “Plus, of course, vegans and vegetarians.” Before the launch of the nationwide market, there was a test at the Cologne branch last year. “It’s been incredibly well received,” Schmaing said. According to the manager, Burger King is also the first catering company in Germany to obtain the European V-Label license for vegetarian and vegan products.

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