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All in one pot is the perfect blend of cold and warm ingredients. They are cut and arranged in a bowl. Poke and Buddha bowls are very popular.

Pans are very popular. the name comes from the English term for plate. The principle is always the same: various healthy ingredients are served in a bowl together with the sauce. The perfect blend of cool and warm elements should keep you happy and full for a long time.

Poke Bowl: Traditionally with fish

A classic poke bowl, or poke bowl, features raw fish cut into small pieces or cubes. Poke (pronounced “poh-key”) is the Hawaiian word for cut or cut. Fish is combined with rice and various vegetables. To this day, the poke bowl is a traditional Hawaiian dish.

Buddha Bowl and Acai Bowl: Perfect for vegetarians

Bowls with grains and fruits are ideal for breakfast.

Buddha bowls are always vegetarian or vegan. Here too, raw and cooked ingredients such as carrots, avocados and green salad with chickpeas and sweet potatoes are added, as well as quinoa or rice. A sweet variation that is especially suitable for a healthy breakfast is Acai bowls. A variety of fruits, grains, and acai berries are mixed in. The latter is a fruit from Central and South America and has health benefits.

The perfect bowl mix: carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins

The basis of a successful dish is 30 percent carbohydrates – mostly in the form of sushi rice, glass noodles or quinoa. In addition, there is 30 percent protein – such as chicken, fish or tofu – and 30 percent vitamins, minerals and fiber, ie. fruits and vegetables. The rest is sauce, nuts and seeds. And in the best case, everything together is not only tasty, but also very useful.

Dietitians advise those who are sedentary and do little exercise to increase the portion of vegetables and decrease the portion of carbohydrates.

Ready-made dishes: study the list of ingredients carefully

Dishes are freshly assembled in restaurants and specialty bars or packaged in supermarkets. Consumers should carefully examine prepackaged containers, as prepackaged containers may contain harmful ingredients:

  • Preservatives such as sulfur dioxide, potassium metabisulfite, which can cause nausea and headaches in people with allergies or sensitivities
  • very few vegetables
  • too much sugar

Pre-cut vegetables: a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi

Bowls are always healthier than the usual fast food on the go like pizza or sandwiches. But experts warn that vegetables, fruits, fish or meat are industrially prepared for supermarket plates. The ingredients are usually delivered cut ready for sale. Some cell sap oozes from the cut surfaces, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the cold chain should be kept at all costs.

Make your own healthy dishes

If you want it 100% fresh, you have to chop and cook the ingredients yourself. Be careful: A bowl full of happiness can quickly turn into a calorie bomb, so don’t be too generous with the base and sauces. However, a properly assembled dish provides everything you need for a healthy, balanced meal.

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