Beans with rice and cashews: the perfect side dish for your next dinner

I love beans, and maybe I love this side dish: Green Beans with Rice and Cashews. The thin, long green reminds me of my childhood. Because the big bean bushes in my parent’s garden shed so many small stalks every year that we even had to freeze them because we couldn’t eat them all at once. Mom or Dad used to cook beans in a pan with lots of onions and serve them as a side dish.

I loved vegetables so much that I often wanted to eat them and leave the rest of the dinner on the plate. This recipe is a further development of my parents’ cooking method. Why: Since rice is included, you can count green beans as a main dish if you want. And I see them as a kind of warm bean and rice salad. With water, soy sauce and rice vinegar added, there’s even a variety of sauces – or salad dressings, depending on what you’re after – included. Soy and rice vinegar also change the taste. These culinary childhood memories make a leap into the present.

Our Green Bean Casserole is another great side dish and main course. These Indian chickpeas with coconut flakes are also delicious. Can you grow your own beans like my parents? Then see how to freeze green beans in our cooking school.

Any main dish is only half as good if the side dishes disappoint. Fortunately, thanks to Green Beans with Rice and Cashews, there’s no risk of meeting disappointed diners. So that it always works so smoothly, you immediately get several wonderful side dishes:

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A small pan of green beans with rice and cashews.


green beans with rice and roasted cashews


Side dish for next dinner: fried beans with rice and roasted cashews.

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  1. Cook the rice in salted water until done.

  2. Peel and chop the cloves and garlic. If desired, grind the cashew nuts or leave them whole. Clean fresh peas, thaw frozen peas.

  3. Fry in a pan without oil, stirring frequently to prevent burning.

  4. In a separate pan or wok, fry the beans in oil for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Then take it out, heat the oil again and fry the onion and garlic. Put the beans back in, cover and boil for 2 minutes.

  5. The beans are seasoned with pepper, salt, soy sauce, rice vinegar, agave syrup and lemon juice. Then mix with rice and serve as a side dish.

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