A summer treat is a fruit salad for the discerning

We really didn’t miss anything. The corona is not over, the war is raging on our doorstep with undiminished intensity, and its economic consequences are shaking the German economy and social order to the core. There is no clear plan for dealing with these multiple crises, at least not with the federal government. And now the unusual heat waves, which are small tastes of what climate change will bring us. Who knows, there may be another flood disaster next year.

35 degrees, but no roast pork

Relatively careful attention should be paid to diet, especially in extreme temperatures. Of course, the emphasis is on drinking, drinking, drinking, but eating is also very important. The body has its hands full maintaining the body’s cooling system. Because it can certainly collapse and have correspondingly serious consequences. “Easily digestible” is the slogan of the moment, and vitamin and mineral intake should also be considered. Even the most ardent meat maniacs should probably make temporary pork without roast pork and rich sauces with lots of fat.

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